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When Are Aluminum Flanges Preferred?

As the name suggests, an aluminum flange is constructed of aluminum metal. This type of flange is often preferred in certain types of systems, because it is more lightweight than other types of flanges, including steel flanges of the same size. There are also numerous other benefits associated with using aluminum flanges compared to flanges constructed of other types of metal. Beyond the lightweight property of this type of flange, it is also less expensive due to lower material and production costs.  

The Benefits of Aluminum Flanges

The time required to produce an aluminum flange is often much shorter than the time required to produce other types of flanges, including stainless steel flanges. An aluminum flange can also be manufactured to any required size. In deciding which type of flange to use for a specific application, a number of factors may come into play, including costs, production times, weight, and strength. 

In terms of size, there is typically no difference between various types of metal flanges. It usually the application itself that determines whether an aluminum flange would be appropriate or not. For instance, in situations in which the flange may be exposed to highly corrosive materials, such as in a plumbing application, then an aluminum flange is often not an ideal choice. Instead, a stainless steel flange, which offers greater resistance properties, would typically be used.  

Why Might an Aluminum Flange Fail?

As is the case with any other type of flange, it is important to note that while aluminum flanges do offer a number of benefits, they are also capable of failing for a number of reasons. In the event that an aluminum flange should fail and require repair, the same steps would typically be required as when repairing any other type of flange, including stainless steel flanges. This usually involves re-machining or welding the flange. In some instances, depending on the severity of the failure, it may be necessary to simply replace the flange. In choosing an aluminum flange, it is vital to ensure that a quality aluminum flange manufacturer in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is selected, as flaws related to defects in the metal or incorrect manufacturing can result in flange failure.