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3 Critically Important Benefits of Carbon Steel Fittings

In the process of determining which type of material is most suitable for use in an industrial project, it is important to consider the scale and magnitude of the job, as well as the type of product to be carried through the pipes, and how long the structure needs to last. After establishing these parameters, you can then determine the most suitable type of material to use.  

Steel is commonly preferred for fittings due to its versatility and strength. When carbon is added to steel, it is possible to achieve a particularly desired effect for certain industrial applications. Carbon steel fittings offer a number of important advantages for various commercial and industrial applications in Pennsylvania and New Jersey 

1. Superior Strength

Among those benefits is superior strength. Adding carbon to steel makes it possible to achieve a far stronger product. Strength is further increased through the use of a heat treatment, without running the risk of changing the shape. The more carbon is added to the steel, the more durable the final product becomes. For this reason, carbon steel fittings are considered among the most durable products available.  

2. Increased Durability

Adding precisely the right amount of carbon to steel makes it possible to attain the desired level of durability. Mild carbon steel is often preferred, because it is durable yet offers a cost-effective solution for large-scale projects. By comparison, medium carbon steel is used more frequently in automotive manufacturing, due to the fact that it is more resistant to corrosive materials. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the level of carbon in the product, the stronger the steel is. Products containing the highest levels of carbon are generally used in producing wires. Given the vast array of different types of carbon steel fittings available, it can quickly become confusing. An experienced metal supply vendor can assist you in determining the best type of fittings for your project.  

3. Endurance

Carbon steel fittings also provide the benefit of endurance because they are able to withstand even significant environmental changes. Since they are rust resistant, carbon steel fittings require less cleaning and can last for long periods of time.