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Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Nipple for Industrial Applications

Commonly used in a number of different industrial applications, nipple fittings are made up of a variety of different types. Although nipple fittings can be produced from a variety of different materials, the stainless steel nipple is the most popular type of nipple, largely due to its inherent strength and durability.


Types of Stainless Steel Nipples

Among the various types of stainless steel nipple types are the hexagonal nipple, close nipple, reducing nipple, long hex nipple, welding nipple, and hose nipple. Basically, a nipple is simply a short length of pipe featuring male pipe threads located at both ends, making it possible to connect other fittings. Nipple fittings that do not have a section of unthreaded or bare pipe between the two connecting ends are usually known as running nipples or close nipples. When these types of nipples are used in a connection, only a small amount of the nipple is visible.


The type of stainless steel nipple selected for projects in Pennsylvania and New Jersey will usually depend on the project requirements. In some applications, there may be very little space available between the two threaded ends. A hexagonal nipple is often the best choice in this type of application, as it works similar to a nut and offers improved mechanical advantage. When a hexagonal nipple features more distance between the two threaded ends, it is referred to as a long hex nipple.


Reducing stainless steel nipples are often used in applications in which a change in pipe dimension is required. This may also sometimes be known as an unequal nipple. When using these types of fittings, it is important to exercise care, as a reduction in the diameter of the pipe can result in increased flow rate and pressure.


Stainless steel nipples are generally ideal for low-pressure applications in which a fitting that is resistant to corrosion in oil, gas, and water is required. It should be noted that a stainless steel nipple has a pressure rating of 150 psi for oil, gas, and water. Other types of stainless steel nipples include the 316, which offers a greater degree of heat resistance and corrosion resistance. As needed, it is also possible to order stainless steel nipples in custom sizes.